The trusted HR guide for
growth-minded businesses.

The trusted HR guide for growth-minded businesses.

Montani isn’t your average “hire and fire” HR partner. We provide world-class people operations support – enhancing team member experience at every phase of the employee lifecycle – to fuel impressive growth for our clients.

HR with an eye on ROI

Human resources has a bad rap. “It’s all about hurdles. It doesn’t drive revenue.” Our team proves these assumptions wrong every single day. We believe every organization should invest in its people – and that doing so strategically enables expansion, nets positive, and has employees wanting to bring their very best to work. We’ll customize a people operations plan that prioritizes growth for your business.

Tailored HR support from approachable industry nerds experts.

Our highly experienced team aims to provide the right amount of guidance your business needs today in order to achieve the growth you want to see tomorrow. We take breaking down HR barriers for our clients very seriously, but we’re also seriously fun to work with. We know your workday is best spent on the parts of the business you actually love, so our team is respectful of the time you do give us – we approach all communication in a personable and down-to-earth manner.

Ready to meet your growth goals through highly effective HR?

Let’s discover your goals and current HR barriers.

We’ll execute an action plan to support business growth.

You’ll watch your people and your business thrive.

Why Montani?

Montani was born from a genuine passion for people and for business. Empowering employers with HR solutions that enable both them and their employees to succeed means we all win. If you’ve ever thought, “I just don’t know what I don’t know,” you’re in luck;  we excel in helping leaders discover what areas of HR need TLC in order to reach their specific growth goals. (Trust us, we’ve seen it all.)

The term “Montani” (Latin for mountaineer) was chosen by our founder, Katherine Daniel, as a nod to her mountain roots in West Virginia – a place she knows to be full of wise, “salt of the earth” individuals whose knack for authenticity and camaraderie shaped the way she approaches relationships in business today. Read more about her story.

Let’s create a plan to help your business scale.

We love partnering with fast-growing organizations with a heart for people. Every organization is at a different point in its unique growth journey, so we’ll spend time getting to know you and your current needs. Then, we’ll propose which services will transform your business most – designing a plan that meets you and your business exactly where you are. Whether you’d benefit from a one-off project, ongoing fractional HR support, or our ready-to-go Starter Pack of foundational HR tools, we’ll lay out the best option for you to consider. 

Montani is credentialed to do business in all 50 states (including trickier HR states like California). If you’re a multi-state employer or you prefer in-person consultations, let us know!

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