DiSC: Assessment-Based Team and Leadership Development

We love personality tests. In fact, it’s one of our founder’s favorite pastimes – she’s gained quite a reputation among her friends as the go-to for discussing and comparing results to countless varieties of tests… just for fun. So if a personality test of sorts existed that specifically catered to professionals and was intended to be used by leaders as a tool to improve the way their team works together, wouldn’t Montani HAVE to facilitate such a test? Absolutely.


Montani is proud to be a DiSC-certified consultancy, able to facilitate team workshops as well as one-on-one consultations for all things DiSC. This leading personality assessment offers a ton of amazing feedback on a person’s work style – an overwhelming amount! Our team is here to sift through the charts and definitions to clearly explain the key takeaways that matter to leaders, employees, and job-seekers. 


What is DiSC, exactly? DiSC, an acronym for four main personality styles of dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness, is a powerful assessment that sheds light on a person’s work style, preferences, motivations, and strengths. 


How would a career search change if a job seeker actually understood what type of work environment they would excel in?


Imagine how much better-equipped leaders would be knowing the true personality traits of their team members – and how their people would collaborate together most efficiently based on individual work styles. By learning about a person’s DiSC results, leaders get a sense of what they value and fear, how they handle conflict, where they have opportunities for growth, and the ways in which they attempt to influence others.


It is possible to know… that’s the power of DiSC.


Through our DiSC services, Montani Consulting helps leaders:

  • Build more productive and healthy relationships between team members
  • Understand what motivates and demotivates team members
  • Make knowledge-based decisions on how to tackle “people issues” 
  • Strategically organize teams based on the collaboration potential of employees
  • Quickly gauge the work style of new hires during the onboarding process
  • Understand which employees may seek out promotion and which employees may steer clear of leadership opportunities


Whether you wish to discover how your team can work better together or you’re a professional seeking guidance on your personal work style, our DiSC-based program is a great solution. Contact Montani Consulting to learn more about our DiSC workshops for teams or our individual DiSC assessment for job seekers as part of our Career Coaching program.

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