How We Help Clients Recruit Top Talent

From the time Montani “opened for business,” our recruiting services have been in high demand – and it’s no surprise why: We love recruiting top talent, and our track record speaks for itself. As a team, we’ve completed more than 10,000 interviews and filled hundreds of positions all across organizational levels and industries. While you may see the interview and hiring process as a big hurdle, we see it as an exciting and fulfilling challenge that never gets old. 


Through our proven process, the Montani team legally and efficiently recruits, hires, and onboards the talent growth-minded businesses seek. So you or a business owner you know is looking to bring on one key player or dozens of new hires, we have packages to fit every need. 


Speaking of packages, let’s get into the nitty gritty about what exactly we offer. As part of Montani’s base recruiting packages, our team will:

  • Create or improve job descriptions, job advertisements, and offer letters
  • Create custom salary reports outlining competitive compensation information
  • Guide you on the execution of Indeed and Glassdoor career page improvements, or take on this responsibility ourselves
  • Post job advertisements through Montani’s Applicant Tracking System to all major job boards, as well as to industry- or role-specific job boards
  • Conduct the initial application review for all inbound applicants, as well as the screening, scheduling, and execution of the first-round interviews
  • Provide a review of the legal do’s and don’ts of interviewing, plus provide our Montani-proven interview questions to help you lead interviews with final candidates


We’ve found with many clients that going the extra mile can make a big difference in finding the best candidates. So, in addition to the services above, we also offer the following: Outbound recruiting (sourcing candidates through resume databases, LinkedIn InMail, and more); email marketing campaigns reaching previous recruits, hires, clients, vendors, and others; second-round interviewing; and conducting basic (all-names) background checks. 


After getting the scoop on what recruiting services we provide, the next question is always, without fail, “What’s your pricing structure like?” Well, we take customization seriously – like we always say, no two businesses need the same exact people ops support – so we also offer multiple options for a fee structure to meet your business where you are. Our clients can choose one of three different fee structures for our recruiting packages: A set-price fee (self-explanatory, but a single price for all services is determined at the start), a percent-of-salary fee (Montani receives payment equal to an agreed upon percentage of the new hire’s annual salary), or contingency-based fee (we get paid once the role or roles are successfully filled).


If you lead an organization experiencing high growth, high turnover, or just have a job opening or two you can’t seem to fill, let’s connect! When we say we love recruiting, our Montani team actually means it. Schedule a free 30-minute introductory call today to find out if we can help you secure the top talent your business needs and deserves.


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